Privacy Statement

Your privacy and trust in me are of utmost importance. I’m also a big fan of simplicity. So here is my commitment to you in terms of privacy of any information that you provide via this website (This page has been updated for GDPR as at May 25th 2018)

Privacy Policy

There are a couple of ways I gather your data. In this policy, I explain what happens when you provide data via these various methods.

If you sign up for my e-Book via a web page or social media post, I’ll only ever send you these items and relevant follow up materials. Occasionally I’ll send a specific message with information about my services (maximum 4 messages per year, usually fewer). I’ll never send you spam or unrelated marketing materials.

If you send me an email inquiry or sign up for a FREE Discover Your Leadership Pathway appointment, I’ll send you emails connected with this session, and your email address will be added to my contact list, so you will also receive the messages detailed above.

If you request to unsubscribe to any of these via the link provided, I’ll process that request immediately and you’ll no longer receive those emails from me.

I’ll never share your email with anyone else or any third party organisation.
I’ll never sell your email address to any organisation.

I use services such as Google Analytics to aggregate data about visitors to my website. This is used to help me understand audience behaviour in total and no visitors to my website are individually identifiable.

I also use marketing services such as Google Ads to serve my audience with adverts about my services. The data used to provide this service is not identifiable to any individual.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about your privacy, or wish to have your data deleted from my system, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.